Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Normal

I have to admit it. I am one of those who got affected by the typhoon. I did not realize that it would reach that point. Floods entered our home. This is actually the second time it happened. This means that the flood is really very high. My mother and I had to prevent our things, sala set, threadmill, etc. to get wet. After 5 hours, the floods subsided. A lot of dirt remained inside our house. Hence, we needed to clean them up. Before this, I said to myself that I did not want to have my weekly exercise. But because of this, I really burned a lot of calories cleaning up the mess and moving things here and there. It took us more than an hour to clean up our house. We did not put everything back yet to its place because it might rain and floods might enter our house once again. We just started cleaning every corner of our house this morning when we woke up. I mopped the floor and swept every dirt I saw. We put everything in order again. It's good to feel that everything is back to normal again.

To those who really got affected with the typhoon, I hope that you can get over with what happened as soon as you can. (It is so unfortunate for those who lost their loved ones.)

Nature really strikes back, for real.