Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lost Soul

I do not know if it would be appropriate to call myself a lost soul right now. I want to do so many things and I just do not know how to start even one of them. I have so many plans but none of them have been realized yet. Darn. I am lost, indeed.

I was reading a book and analyzing some items there. I do understand the concepts and yet I cannot fully understand the items which I need to analyze. I am really a having a difficult time looking for answers. It's as if I could not complete the missing piece of a puzzle. I am just wondering why others could easily finish the puzzle and here I am, a lost soul. I do not know if the path I am taking right now were for me. I love what I am doing but it really irks me a lot when I cannot accomplish things like this. I'm good but I think I have to work on something in me that I cannot figure out yet. I would like to solicit a piece of advice from a former mentor this coming week. I need to find solution for this dilemma. I need to be enlightened as soon as possible. This drives me crazy and a little depressed.

In addition to this, I am still open for other "paths." I want to look for another career or profession but I do not want to leave my current profession. I just want something else to keep me busy with. I am thinking what profession would be suitable to me. I just hope I can find the answers eventually so that I can get out of this bleak state of mind.


  1. All it takes is willpower to accomplish something. :)

  2. thanks for the visit
    ur not alone dude
    nde ko rin alam kung tama ba ang path na aking pinuntahan and sometimes i feel regret sa mga past mistakes na ginawa ko.

  3. i don't know...but for me, it is good to be lost sometimes. you have no idea that there in the next corner, you will find what you're looking for.

  4. @knox galen
    may willpower na ko. pero di ko pa rin magawa. :-)

    i enjoy what i do right now. pero something's missing pa rin kasi. aside from that, i want to do something else na di ko alam kung ano.

    @the geek
    let's see what is in store for me.

  5. i know what you feel and i think i am still feeling it up to now. im already 24 and i still have problems answering whenever someone ask me what i want to do in life? perhaps, the best answer to this is to enjoy everything that come sin your way and stop looking what is ahead of you... appreciate life in its simplest ways!

  6. kung saan ka masaya dun ka.. kahit walang supurtahan taka.. GO!!

    ahihi.. just enjoy life steak to truth and Godlyness and goodness.. ok


  7. KUNG kailangan mo ng payo, just drop me a line...


  8. in many ways, we are all lost souls. but the good thing with being lost is that we can go everywhere we like. :)

  9. @wandering commuter
    perhaps, nagiging emotional lang ako minsan. parang nagkakaroon lang contemplation about my life. natyempo na ganun. kaya feeling ko talaga i am lost. i want to do more, kaso i don't know what my first step would be

    Sige ha?! Suportahan mo ko! hehehe

    thanks for that. :-)

    @victor gregor
    very nice words. really appreciate it.