Monday, September 21, 2009

Facebook Mania in Town

I noticed that this social networking site has become a mania already! Many really got hooked with this site. Perhaps, it's because it's not just like Friendster but it offers more applications like games.

It sounds so funny when you hear people talking about these lines:

"Hoy! Bilin mo na ko. Sige na. Bilin mo na ko sa Friends for Sale!"

"Nakabili ka na ba ng lupa? Ako meron na. Kaso, wala pa akong buto ng talong."

"Uy, bakit ganoon ka? Di mo raw inaadd yung Mama ni ... sa Facebook."

Grabe, even parents and other oldies are getting addicted with this. Mas nakakatawang marinig kung oldies na ang nag-uusap tungkol sa games and other applications sa Facebook.

Truly, this site has become a part of life nowadays of people. They cannot withstand a day without checking their accounts, or even playing Mafia Wars or checking out their farms.

Thank God, because I am not really into games. I just like commenting on people's status whenever they are intruguing. Plus, I get to add my crush back in high school! lols.

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