Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas was kinda Unsual this Year

I was asking what I could do during my Christmas vacation in my previous blog. Usually, I always stay at home, watching TV, and surfing the net. Sometimes, I read books (school books).

But this year's Christmas vacation has been unusual. Two days before Christmas, I went out with my three close college friends. Two of them are also working now so less time of being together, having chit-chats and all. One of my friends is working somewhere in Makati. She is not working as a call center agent but her shift is during night time. And, would you imagine she is the only one working during that shift? When she told us about this, I laughed really hard. She has no office mates around in their floor. In short, she has no one to talk to. When she goes home from work, no one is in their boarding house because her friends are working during daytime. In other words, she has no SOCIAL LIFE when she started working during night time.

I decided to ask her out with our other friends before I get busy again with my work and studies. My closest friend gave a treat. We ate pizza. Yes, pizza, my favorite. Since there were a lot of people eating there, we decided to move and transfer to Starbucks to have a nicer environment. We really had a great time exchanging stories. I really missed those moments I had with them during our college days. Kumbaga sa anti-virus, na-update na ang mga database namin.

On Christmas eve, we went to my Tita's house which is ten houses away from our home. We had a great kwentuhan. And, we had fun because the kids there were still playing that time. The next day, we attended the mass with the kids. At long last, I attended the mass again. I cannot remember the last time I went to church to attend the eucharist.

The day after Christmas, my family and my mother's siblings went to their Tita's house in Novaliches. The place was quite far from our place. It is near SM Fairview. We took the longer route, I think. When we took the Commonwealth--North Ave-EDSA route, it took us shorter time to arrive home. It was my first time to visit them. We just brought some food and we ate lunch there. My mother and her siblings visit them every Christmas. I, being some sort of anti-social, did not go with them. Just to make a difference, I tried to come with them. I had fun naman except the route which really bored me a lot.

And to top it all off, since I am now a part of the labor force, I am obliged to give aguinaldo to my inaanak and to the elders. I had three inaanak. The two of them are close to me. I already brought them clothes before Christmas but still I gave them aguinaldo. This is actually the first time I gave aguinaldo. I really have no choice because of the social norms. Since it's Christmas, it's the time of giving. Sabi nga nila, it's better to give than to receive. Sabi ko naman, iba pa rin ang feeling pag ako ang tumatanggap kaysa ako ang nagbibigay. hehehe!

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  1. welcome to the club! happy new year na rin.. aw!