Monday, December 14, 2009

Reasons... and Reasons

I really missed blogging. I used blogging as my avenue or outlet for my emotions. But for the past few days, nothing really triggered me to write something about something.

Here are some reasons why I created my blogs before:
1. I am so happy. Something happened between me and my crush. Kilig moments. And the like.
2. I am so sad. Things fall apart. People come and go. Depressed. Lost in a competition.
3. I am so mad. Vengeance. Anger. Karma.

Basically, none of them happened in the past two months I think. That's why, I have nothing interesting to write.

Well, before the year ends, I will be making a year-ender. A sort of an evaluation of year 2009.

And, matatapos na ang 2009, loveless pa rin ako. :D


  1. may next year pa so don't lose hope :)

  2. matatapos din ang 2009 at babawi tayo sa 2010! hahahaha!

  3. hehehe may bukas pa...sabi nga ni bro :p

  4. Pasingit po ng pagbati. Merry Christmas! :)