Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm starting to like You...

I always talk to someone right now. He's working as an accountant somewhere in Makati. Night shift. The good thing is I have been always sleeping late at night since I entered college. We talk or sometimes just exchange messages. I think it's been a month already since we first had our first chat. He's sensible. That's why he got my attention. He's really okay. He values his family (well, except his father).

Now, I'm starting to like him. Even though I was having second thoughts to inform him about that, I still told him that I'm starting to like him. Anyway, it's still LIKE. And, it's still in the process of liking him. When I told that to him, he said nothing in reply. So, I told myself, "Okay... At least I told him what I'm feeling." I think I'm mature enough to have the courage to tell that to him.

By the way, he's not yet inviting me to see him. He knows my work and study load. Maraming araw na free ako. So, siguro, he has no reason not to invite me. Unless, di niya ko gustong makita. hehe

I really do not know where this is going to. But, as of now, I am trying not to get used with his presence. Mahirap na. I easily get attached with people I like.

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