Sunday, November 8, 2009

Switched to SUN

I just switched to Sun today. The funny thing is I know 4 people only who are also Sun subscribers. I decided to leave my Globe life for a while. What happened last week with Globe was really irritating. Now, I will try using Sun again.

I could still remember when I started using Sun. That was when I was in 3rd year high school. I got involved with a bi guy. We had mutual understanding according to me. But after a month, he left. No calls. No text anymore. Our Sun story ended like that.

Anyway, to readers, if you are also a Sun subscriber, please send me your digits and let's have a short kwentuhan. :-)

My YM id is wapaxwapax.

Thanks guys! :-)


  1. hangkulet ng YM ID. hehehe.

    gusto ko mag-SUN, pero yung sa DSL lang siguro. =)

  2. @xtian1978ii: ano ang tempting? hehe

    @mac callister: hahaha! what's with my ym id? :-)

    @mr. scheez: bakit hangkulet ng ym id ko? hehe maganda ba dsl ng sun? :-)

  3. hehehe, kaaliw lang kase.

    mas mabilis daw sa SUN! =)